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Our inbuilt technology provides us to give various services, from disinfestations and Rodent Control, to specialized services like sterilization & fumigation of different pesticides. We take pride to say that our organization has ultra-modern equipments to handle & spray the pesticides, besides modern automation, with proper communication and information system. All these facilities enable us to attend complaints and other services within no time.

We are available 24/7 to service any requirement.

Termite growth is a major problem in India, owing to it’s humid climate. Termites are the most destructive pests when it comes to structural damage. They can creep in & eat away your home, without even knowing it. These pests thrive on cellulose, which means they eat furniture, clothes, books ,wallpapers, and money. Termites have destroyed property worth billions of dollar around the world. Save your home. P.P.C.E offers a comprehensive, specialized termite control service to protect your property from termite damage. We provide termite control and elimination solution through “ Pre Construction Anti-Termite Treatment” and “Post Construction Anti-Termite Treatment”. Our trained consultants provide our esteemed clients with customized solutions.

The three stages of treatment as per IS specification is as follows:-
* Footing stage treatment.
* Plinth Level Treatment.
* Exterior Trench Treatment.

* Plan to move/construct a new house.
* Plan to renovate.
* Have wooden furniture/Valuable antiques/false ceiling/paneling, etc

Complaints by patients about insect bites, bed bug infestations, food contamination through dead insects, are on the rise .Another major growing concern is Nasocomial infections or Hospital Acquired illness, arising from being in the hospital, due to microbes on surfaces or equivalent. All these concerns can only be addressed with proper sterilization and sanitation. Sterilite Environment (Keeping the Air Sterilite at Hospatals) STERIFUME is a P.P.C.E complete Healthcare protection package. It provides surface & air disinfection services, using the latest technology available in India. It is a revolutionary new germicidal product, for air sterilization based on UVC light, sterilizing the premises against airborne infections. It effectively kills 99.99% of airborne bacteria, viruses, & mould spores. It is designed to function silently. It operates 24/7 & is 100% safe, with no toxic residues. It helps clear surfaces of a wide spectrum of microbes, while doing no damage to plastics ,rubber, clothes, metal, or electrical equipments. Sterifume poses no harm to humans or materials in the workspace.

We are a road block to all types of pests.We ensure comprehensive solutions to keep away insects,pests,and rodents from your premises.We provide pest control programs which ensures total pest protection.This program runs on various stages,commencing with inspection and evaluation of the interior of the house together the exterior facility.We understand that no two situations are identical & hence we prioritize and analyse the facts.After that we consult with you in order to suitably address your requirements.