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Termite Control
Termite growth is a major problem in India owing to its humid climate. Termites have destroyed property worth billions of dollars around the world. P.P.C.E. provides the best solution for termite control. We provide termite control and elimination solution through "Pre Construction Anti Termite Treatment" and "Post Construction Anti Termite Treatment." Our trained consultants provide our esteemed clients with customized solutions.

The stages of treatment as per IS specification will be as follows:

  • Footing stage treatment.

  • Plinth Level Treatment

  • Exterior Trench Treatment We also controls Termite by using chemicals like.


Rodent Control
Rodent transmitted diseases of concern are salmonellas, plague, Rat bite fever and leptospirossis (diseases transmitted by rat urine), to control them we use pad treatment and baits which is based on single dose of anticoagulant Bromadiolone which is ready consumed by rats and this drastically reduces their population..

pest Flies Control
Flies are responsible for hazards in human health. We control files in an efficient way by our spray & fumigation.
pest Centipedes Control
They grow in wet areas and very commonly found in houses, hotels, hospitals etc. So to remove them we use spray in order to stop their spreads in other areas

Cockroach Control
Cockroaches transmit different farms of gastroenteritis, dysentery, diarrhoea etc. To control cockroaches effectively we use gel which is applied with the help of applicator in the form of tiny dots. This gel attacks cockroaches to feed on it leading to their death. The toxicant in the gel is also spread to other members resulting in drastic reduction in roach population in shortest time. Thereafter, we also use spray and fumigation.


Mosquito Control
Mosquitoes cause malaria , failariasis, dengue, chikangunia etc. To control mosquitoes and to save you from their ill effect we use chemical spray and fumigation.


Bed Bug Control
Bed Bugs are hitch hikers and are very common in public "transports, hospitals, theaters, hostel etc. We use insecticidal spray which is given to all cracks and crevices in furniture bed joints and other fixtures, special attention is given to mattress, beddings and folds, where a light spray is delivered.

pest Lizard Control
Lizards have poison in their mouth which is very harmful for human health. We use spray which kill lizards and stop their production.
pest Honey Bee Control
It is controlled by P.P.C.E through fumigation.
pest Scorpio Control
They are very dangerous for human life and so to control them P.P.C.E. uses spray and fumigation.
pest Snake Control
They are very harmful and their bites result in instant death. We use medicine which resist the snake.
pest Spider Control
Spiders and other arachnids are in general very helpful for your garden, but they are unfortunately NOT so helpful in your home.

Lawn, Gardens, Park :
It is our responsibility to keep lawns, gardens and parks free from insects and dirts.

You can maintain your homes gardens and lawns in a hygienic manner through our help.

P.P.C.E. delivers customized pest control and anti termite solution to hospital, apartments, homes, office, lawns, and gardens as well.

It is our endeavour to provide for a clean, hygienic, pest and termite free environment to our esteemed customers within a specified timeframe.

We have extensive knowledge, training and expertise to handle any type of pest and termite menace.

So, for hygienic surrounding and pest free atmosphere, please contact.